Valenzuela City Alert Button

Request emergency services using your smartphone.

what is Valenzuela
City Alert Button

The Valenzuela City ALERT Button is a mobile application that lets you request emergency services at the time of distress. It also allows you to report accidents and crimes to the Valenzuela City Allied Local Evacuation and Emergency Response Teams (ALERT) Center.

Police Emergency

Medical Emergency

Fire Emergency


How does it work

By using the location provided by your smartphone, the app will send a distress message to the Valenzuela City ALERT Center to inform the authorities. It will also send a text message to your designated emergency contacts with your location.


GPS Location

Send your device’s location to the authorities and your loved ones.

Text Message

Send distress message to the authorities and to your designated emergency contacts.

Preferred Network

Choose your preferred network for faster text messaging.

Automatic Call

Automatically calls the Valenzuela City ALERT Center’s hotline.

Cloud Message

Send your distress through the internet if data is available.

Report Ready

Send photos and reports of accidents and crimes using data on your mobile.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an ALERT Button?

The Valenzuela City ALERT Button is a smartphone application which allows a Valenzuela City Resident to request for assistance or help with just a press of a button.

2. Will there be charges when I use the Valenzuela City ALERT Button?

Regular telecommunication charges will apply.

3. What SIM will be used on a dual SIM Android Device?

Only your primary SIM card (usually SIM 1) will be used to send text messages. This is a limitation on Android Devices.

4. Will I be able to use the app even if I’m not connected to the internet?

The app works even without an internet connection as long as you have mobile load for text messages and calls. Regular charges will apply.

4. How long before a report can be received by the ALERT Center?

Reports may be received within one minute.

5. Can I use the app immediately after downloading?

No. After downloading the app on your smartphone, you should then go to the Valenzuela City ALERT Center to personally register your account. Valid government Ids are needed to verify your identification. If the user is under the age of 13, his/her guardian shall accompany him/her to be able to register.

6. Can I still use the app outside Valenzuela City?

It is not recommended.

Available on

Available on 4.1 and above on android devices & iOS 9 and above on iOS devices.